Sj Tv

Visit Sj Tv: Sj LeHoven.

It’s a work-in-progress, like EVERYTHING in life. : )

I started out posting Sj’s Pep Talks. And then my cuz, Sj Daisy, realized that she needed to have her own channel. She’s added scads of Read Along with Sj Daisy videos.

I know that there’s lots and lots and lots of stuff on YouTube. My channels are a breath of fresh air, a place to go for a break and a reminder of how awesome and important you are to the world. BE all you’ve come here to be. <3

-Sj from the <3


One thought on “Sj Tv

  1. Abaloni

    Fair winds all, enjoy da ride, c u dis sai, ketch feesh, habla espanol, y muchos amables , o algun cosa


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