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The mind *$%*k has begun.

Yes indeedy, for real. The mind *$%k has begun.

I’ve landed in San Sebastian, and it’s extraordinary.

The city.

The people.

The climate.

BUT . . . my mind hasn’t quite caught up yet.

Simple little words in Spanish that I’ve known for years are having fun playing hide-and-seek. As of now, they’re not out in the open.

My job?

To get a really strong flashlight, heavy duty broom, and start sweeping the heck out of my mind.

Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy the process. : )

There ain’t no way around it . . . sending a hug to all of you.

✫ Sj ✫

8 thoughts on “The mind *$%*k has begun.

  1. Evan Mower

    Aloha Sj:

    I would think that after the last few weeks, your mind would have been pretty well swept!

    If this helps, la pluma esta en la mesa! I think the esta should have an accent . . . or maybe not.

    Happy 4th of July on your grand adventure!

    Hasta la vista,


  2. Sharon Gibson

    I’m sure that it will all come flooding back any minute now. Just enjoy!
    What’s the weather like in San Sebastian? Where are you staying? How long will you be there?
    Happy 4th from all of us!

    1. Sj Post author

      Hi Sharon,
      It’s slowly coming together. Found a Spanish soap opera that I can watch with sub-titles. : ) And I’ll just keep studying and listening to people, etc.
      I’m staying in an apartment on the top floor of a building (so I can see the ocean!) with an English man and his 2 teenage sons. They were found through the school. I’ll be here for 4 weeks! Yeah! Enough time to really immerse myself and be able to see a difference (in my ability to communicate and understand Spanish).
      The people in San Sebastian are amazingingly friendly and kind (and with so many tourists too!). I’m watching a storm roll in and wondering how it’ll be to go for a swim now. : ) Regardless, I’m going to go check it out and decide once I’m there.
      Happy Belated 4th to you as well!

  3. pam alvarez

    Qué maravilloso! San Sebastian is one of my favorite places. Have a great time. Sal is Basque on his mom’s side. San Sebastian runs in his veins ;)

    1. Sj Post author

      De la lecha! (Just learned that today; it means WOW! : )
      Thanks for letting me know, Pam. I’ll hold that in my heart as I continue to explore the city (and study Spanish).
      Had a great dream about the two of you when I was in Lyon. : )))
      Love you both (and your kids) buckets full. xoxoxoxo


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