Hawaii in San Sebastian

Take a minute and listen

Just one minute

to watch what I taped today on the way home from school.

Want more now and then?

9 thoughts on “Take a minute and listen

  1. Evan Mower

    Sí. . . ¡Más vídeo, por favor . . . no hay nada como una fantástica pieza de Khachaturian para comenzar el día correcto! Hermosa rendimiento! Gracias Sj.

      1. Dan Hatch

        Great: I was surprised about how many simply walked by. I would have thought they would have gathered and audience.

        1. Sj Post author

          Perhaps another time they have; who knows. But in this moment, I just really enjoyed it.
          Sending to a hug to you wherever you are in the world. : )


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