A day in the life . . .

. . . of a substitute teacher.

What happened?

Watch and find out. <3

9 thoughts on “A day in the life . . .

      1. Becky Cleland

        I said “:O” before I saw there was a video, thinking that your comments were to create a feeling of …”What is coming!?! Ooooh!!”

        Now that I’ve seen your video, I am delighted that you would share your experiences as a substitute teacher! I’m sure the kids end up liking you a lot! ;)

        HUGS!! Many thanks! ^^ <3

  1. Pam Woolway

    Really enjoy hearing you talk about the special ed class. Great fun! SJ I never could hear your neighbors or the birds, so you don’t have to acknowledge the noises you hear in your space. You do a fine job. Keep it up. xoxoxo


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