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Phnom Penh photo highlights

Hi Everyone,
I never really told you much about Phnom Penh, and that’s not my intent now! Rather I’ve got a few shots from the time I spent there.
When I would go to Phnom Penh, it was mostly just to take a break from working at FLO, i.e. doing things like going out to dinner with my new friends (including other volunteers), hanging out in the groovy hotel room I found and getting some rest, and practical things like procuring supplies for teaching, and getting a visa for Vietnam.
There aren’t a lot of shots of the classic touristy attractions . . . I just wasn’t into those subjects on this trip. If you want to know more about the history, go to the library or wikipedia. : )
Kay den, here are the pixs:
This was from the first Saturday I was in Cambodia (end of July); it was a special day, and lots of people had gathered to pay their respects at the pagoda.

I enjoyed watching the “egg lady” as she crossed the busy street; when I was a kid, we used to have an “egg man” who delivered eggs to our house ! The tradition continues in Cambodia (and SE Asia, as far as I can tell).

The smaller building is the very same as the first picture on this page; recognize it?
It’s so fascinating how they use bamboo for scaffolding. (and very practical since there’s a lot of bamboo growing in Cambodia!)
The contrast between living abodes is quite extreme.
These kids were having so much fun waving at me!
You’ve seen this one before, but I just like it. I like how the lady in yellow was caught in her stride.
That’s the National Museum as seen from the balcony of “my” hotel room. Did I go to it? Nope, not even once.

That’s all on Phnom Penh folks!

Random tuk tuk day on video . . .

Mahalo for your generous donations!!!!

Dear Friends,

Some of you very thoughtfully sent funds my way in order to take a few FLO kids out to dinner in Phnom Penh.

Why did I want to treat them to a dinner out on the town?

First of all, I wanted to acknowledge the two student teachers for their hard work; they’re volunteer teaching the younger Ss at FLO, and I don’t know that many 17 and 20 year olds would would willingly add more work to their already full schedules.

Also, there were a few other Ss who continued to pour themselves completely into their school work; I wanted to let them know that I’d noticed their efforts and positive attitudes.

When I invited them to join me for dinner on Sunday, September 11th, I could tell that they were containing their excitement in order to give a thoughtful, quiet and, dignified, “Yes.” It was obvious that they were jumping up and down on the inside. : )

You all also gave so very generously that I was able to treat ALL the FLO students to apples twice! (using YOUR donations, of course)  They’ll be receiving the second apple in the coming week.

And lastly, the young boy who was one of the winners during the talent show in August (and who gave me his drawing) received some drawing supplies (paper, colored pencils, pencil holder, etc.) thanks to YOU!

All of this may seem small compared to others who have funded new buildings, scholarships, etc., but to these students, the gifts you gave them were HUGE!!!!

On behalf of them, I would like to thank you so very much for reaching into your pocketbook, sharing your hard earned dollars, and making their day a little brighter.

The following are some shots I took during our outing.

Enjoy and thanks again,


The gang! (LOVE the mural Dani!!!)
This was his first time in Phnom Penh; he was so excited. AND he devoured and LOVED his meal! : )
She got a hamburger with french fries!!! LOL And she ate it all! It was a gourmet one. Nice!
The two student teachers got the same thing . . . and the van driver whose hand you see; they all had clean plates at the end.
It just so happened that there was an art exhibition next door; we went and the kids couldn’t believe that they had pupus anyone could eat–for free! They ate more! This woman is displaying a special sweater she knitted before the Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge era; she kept it safe and had it on display to represent a time gone by.

Random tuk tuk shots from my time at FLO outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Aloha Everyone,

I literally just shot these “off my hip.”

They’re for those of you who haven’t visited SE Asia yet. And for those of you who have, well, it’ll surely bring back some memories.

And, just imagine lots of noise of all kinds: tuk tuk honks, moto honks, car honks, truck honks, loud speakers broadcasting this and that (music, talking, chanting, who knows what-ing) . . . and oh, turn the fan on and let some dust and exhaust fly in your face. Ahhh . . . do you feel it yet? Are you there with me?

Love to my many friends around the world,

p.s. more to come . . . this is all the time I have for uploading . . . off to Hanoi and then Sapa.

FLO’s new and beautiful mural . . .

When Dani, a vivacious 22-year old volunteer (and recent college grad), came to assist in teaching a class on environmental issues at FLO, she also brought the bright idea of facilitating the painting of a mural. She donated the funds to purchase the paint, shopped all over Phnom Penh for the materials, gathered the “artistic” students, and gave just the right amount of coaxing to get their creative juices flowing.

Dani felt that the mural should be dedicated to the memory of Rob’s wife, Mei; everyone quickly agreed. Below are some shots of this most appropriate tribute.

Dani showing off her clean hand.
Once the concept was agreed upon, everyone began to paint with gusto.
The peanut gallery.
A ray of sunshine. : )
There are many artists at FLO.

Looking good!
Even Koko the dog got excited about it!
That’s all for now, folks. : )

Sunrise over the Mekong River

Aloha Everyone,

My stay at FLO has come to an end.

The last day was absolutely magical . . . story and pictures to come.

Meanwhile, a minivan is picking me up in 20-minutes for the six-hour ride to Siem Reap.

Love to you all wherever, however, and whenever you may be.


Friday Morning at the Market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A few weeks ago a group of us went shopping at the market. Why? Because we were to make the FLO kids’ meals the next day.

The menu? Egg scramble with lots of veggies and a baguette for breakfast (and some fruit, I think).

Lunch: hot dog with ketchup, homemade chips, and some fruit. (It didn’t satisfy them for long; they were all ravenous by dinnertime.)

Dinner: spaghetti Bolonaise. Now this one was a hit, and there was plenty for second helpings.

And now for a tour of what it’s like to shop at the local’s market in Phnom Penh; yes, thank goodness we had a local who was the one who really did the shopping.

No explanation needed.
Those are eggs.
That’s about $33 for 300 eggs.
Don’t try this at home.
That should do me for a bit.
They were moving.
And not just because she was stirring them.
Ze market.
Ze transaction.
Yep, those buggers’ll burn your socks off.
It looked so pretty to me.
Have we gotten everything?  . . . This dragon fruit is yummy!
Ze market take 2.
That’s our stuff on the cart.
And in the car. Next stop: FLO.

 Next . . . the cooking for the kids . . .

Monday at the Water Park!

Classes were cancelled for the day. Over 100-students joined in the fun.

That’s Andrew with EGBOK playing with the kids.
It was a fun free for all!
She looks like she’s having a blast, doesn’t she?
So many different places to play in the water!
 May you too have some fun in the water, wherever you are, and whenever it may be.