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Riding the Trust Train

The train has left the station.

For parts unknown.

What is this all about?

This video will fill you in:

The trust train first showed up publicly after kayaking Na Pali on Kauai. A chat with Congolio gives that background:

I plan on updating this website to reflect the changes . . . that will happen when it happens.

I’ll write and post now and then as I’m called to.

If you too experience life by trusting completely, HOP ON!

Even if you don’t, I invite you to HOP ON! You may find that trusting really isn’t so scary.

Kay den. Thanks for your time and attention. Sending lots and lots and LOTS of LOVE your way!


✫ Sj out ✫


Pedrata Lyon view 3

Pedrata’s Take on Lyon

Pedrata portraitThat’s me, Pedrata. I’m a rat. A Mexican rat.

Why Mexican?

Because I came from Mexico. On a boat.

All the way to Hawaii from Mexico. On a boat.

Darn tootin’ that was fun!!!

But I’m not just any rat. I’m a rat who loves to travel, a bit like my gal pal, Sj. We two females love to travel. Si!, I’m female. If I were male, I’d be PedratO, but I’m not, I’m PedratA.

I enjoyed Lyon. To da max. Here are some of my fav memories.


✷ Pedrata ✷

p.s. for whatever reason, these 4 pix didn’t want to be part of they gallery . . . so they’re here all by their lonesome. : )

And especially a concert . . .

And especially a concert . . .

Pedrata at flea market

I’m not sure why Sj bought this old briefcase for all of 4 Euros.

Pedrata Penguin 2

had so much fun together !!!

Pedrata wall art 1

Hmm . . .

Sj Daisy and Pedrata que

My cuz, Sj Daisy, is here too from time to time . . .

You can check out her and Pedrata at her blog or on YouTube. Be sure and click on the CC button for closed captioning.


We’re going to see Moondog. 

I’m not exactly sure what it will be, but I expect that it will be spectacular. 

It takes place in an actual Roman amphitheater. For real. 

Yesterday we went to check it out. The percussionist was amazing; yes, we eavesdropped on a rehearsal. Incroyable!

Pedrata at Roman  ampitheatre

I think they’ve done this before.

the 4 rats won

Les quatres rats a gagné!

Yesterday marked the completion of week one at ALPADIA in Lyon.

What does that mean exactly?

  1. That we each got to have a complimentary croissant.
  2. That we were to take a test covering this past week’s topic: le subjonctif.
  3. And that we were to play a game of guessing WHO or WHAT someone or something was.

“Such as?” you ask.

Name at least 3 French présidents. I wrote Charles de Gaulle and Mitterand. A teammate wrote Sarcozi. (Must have been right because we got a point : )

Who is this French singer? Someone one of my teammates knew. Pas moi.

Who’s playing the guitar? Jimmy Henrix


We were to give our team a name. Three guesses what our team was called.

And on a side note: the French verb rater is a clue, BUT it didn’t really apply because in French rater means to miss or to fail . . . ;-)

So . . . with that I shall sign off. Enjoy les photos!

p.s. I zqs qble to uploqd the photos to ,y zebsite using ,y iPhone; but then the co,puter qt the school just decided it zqs ti,e for q lunch breqk: So : : : I too stopped qnd figured it knez best: I hqd the ,ost a,qwing rest of ,y dqy in Lyon : : : zqlking : : : tqking pictures : : : riding q bike : : : hqving q glqss of zine zith ,y hostess qnd q French of herùs : : : qnd then todqy; Sqturdqy; I found qn internet cqfe so thqt I could post it; ,qke chqnges thqt I cqnùt do zith ,y iPhone; etceterq : : : qnd; qs you see; the keyboqrd is q little different thqn ours: M  ° ?qde it ,e q little chqllenging: M 0

Qlohq tous1

Pedrata makes a great study companion. 

Not sure how much she’s learning; she may be waiting until we get to Spain since Spanish is her native language, but she definitely helps keep me on track. 

For example, she just reminded me to set the timer on my iPhone so I don’t forget to stop and go for a bike ride. 

Merci beaucoup, Pedrata! 

Will do!
Sj et P out. 

Saturday in Paris ala Pedrata

Continue reading

Pedrata Flight Route

How a Rat Finds Its Way to Paris

Sj et Pedrata out . . . for now. ;-)

Airplane path

The Where & the What 4s

A friend commanded, “Blog!” And so I shall.

Mon ami, Pedrata, and I are travelling to Europe for the summer.

Yup, sure nuff we are!


Because we can. Yahoo!!!

And as long as this gal takes on teaching jobs, June and July is when we can get away for the longest time. I italicize the get away because leaving Kaua‘i isn’t about getting away. But that’s one of those expressions we use, and once we stop and think about what we’re really saying, we see it’s not really accurate.

So . . . rewind.

June and July is when I have a break from a real paying job.

Again, why italics?

Because we humans have some weird idea that a job is only real if we get a paycheck.

So again . . . rewind.

June and July is when I have a break. Period.

This gal’s life is about BE-ing, not doing or getting paid, or making money, or whatevahs.

It’s about Being me.

Who else could I be?

So I’m going to do it as passionately and with present moment awareness as possible.

Okay, I hear you all saying, “Get to the point, Sj!”

And so I shall.

WHO: Sj and her pal, Pedrata

WHAT: Traveling to Europe for a couple of months

WHERE: Paris for 2 nights then on to Lyon for 3 weeks of studying French at ESL (more on that later, this is where I studied in January 2009 btw).

THEN a week break when I’ll probably visit a family friend in Geneva (think CERN, Physics Professor, re-visit from shots from 2012), and THEN 4 weeks in San Sebastian, Spain to study Spanish. Yes, I know they speak Basque in that region. But I figured I was already going to *&%k with my mind, so why not go all the way.

And . . . here’s to hoping this Spanish teaching school does what it says. Teach Spanish. : )

Then on home by way of a Megabus ride! Yep! This gal and her pal rat are going to do an overnight trip on a Megabus. Yahoo! Here we come NYC and Pittsburgh.

WHEN: Right now! At the Philly airport ready to board. ;-)

WHY: Because I love learning languages, meeting people and being able to listen to Harry Potter in a couple of different languages. I’ve been itching to dive into Spanish, and before I do that, I want to make sure my French is up to speed. Locked in and pretty much “in the groove.”

HOW: Miles, miles, miles! Thank you airlines for the miles. Thank you, Sj, for the gumption. Thank you, Pedrata, for the companionship.

And now . . . it’s time to roll!

Roger over and out from Sj and little ‘ole Pedrata.

Pedrata Au Revoir Tennessee

After a brief stop in Tennessee . . . we’re REALLY on our way!