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Sj TV: Sj from the Heart

My HEART has recently been waving its tiny little hand

and prompting me to speak from it.

So I have . . .

If your heart has a matching antenna, cool. It’s party time as hearts speak to hearts.

If not, cool. This channel ain’t for you.


Susan Jane's Journey

Susan Jane’s Journey is morphing into sjlehoven.com land . . .

Sj's Journey photo with DadIn the way that one thing evolves into another, I’m not renewing my url for Susan Jane’s Journey but rather merging it into my new website and blog glob.

She was a good friend as I traveled to Asia and Europe in 2011 and 12. : ) Good times were certainly had by all.

The journey’s continuing, but now as Sj’s this and that. I see it as a culling down into the essentials. The essentials of who I am, Sj. And also, when you see the site, you’ll see that it has all that I am, as in all of my names. The personal tags that tell the world who I am.

But does that really say who I am? No, those are just labels. To find out who I am, and who everyone else is, we need to read between the lines. See the unsaid. Listen to the unshown. That’s where all the tasty nibbles lie, in the silence.

Like a good friend of mine said last week, silence can be very, very loud. Shrill even. Or peaceful. It’s as varied as we all are.

I invite you to join me on the journey. Or not. I’m going regardless. I enjoy the surprise of seeing what I bump into along the way. I especially like the bumps which turn into giggles and smiles. Even that bump in Railay, where I stubbed my toe, brought an unexpected surprise — one of my favorite days during that trip.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Sand Heart

Happiness is . . .

being here now
every moment,
every second,
every heartbeat,
every breath,
every bite of pizza.


Red tile heart by Kathy Cowan

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Tile heart by Kathy Cowan
Home is where the heart is.* At least that’s how the expression normally goes. My husband has come up with his own version: Home is where the fart is. Think about it; he’s got a point.
For me, home has come to mean wherever I am at any given moment. During the past few years as I traveled, I found that once I entered my current lodgings and spread my green pareau on the bed, I was home. But then a funny thing happened. Little by little I found that I didn’t need to do even that. Whether I was lying on my Hawaiian sarong or sitting in a comfy chair in a coffee house, I was at home.
Yes, I’d found my way to my heart and my home.
I started this glob as a venue for writing about my observations while traveling. Solo traveling. On a recent trip with my husband, I realized that I just didn’t have the desire to write when I wasn’t alone. Why? Because it’s just such a different dynamic. But today on my bike ride, it came to me that I want to continue writing about my observations, my experiences. In the grand scheme of things, I’m still on my solo ride; we all are. We’re born alone; we die alone. We’re each on our separate journey of growth and discovery.
So, what the heck is this all about?
Just because I’m not technically traveling, I’m still engaged in life and observing what’s around me. And it’s fascinating. Just yesterday I saw a turtle while swimming at Anini Beach. Alone. Me and the turtle and all the fish. It was wonderful.
And later this evening, I’m joining our improv troupe, the InsPirates, for a private show. Even though I’ll be on stage with others, I’ll still be alone. It’s still up to me to listen and observe—both to them and to what the muse pours through me.
Yes, life is such an amazing journey.
Please join me as it continues in a different but similar way.
Isn’t that how each day is?
Similar yet different?
Each with its own flavor.
Yes, I’ve got some tasting to do!
*This expression has been attributed to Pliny the Elder (A.D. 23-79)
Italian clock tower

Do it now.

Whatever it is.

Now is the time to do it.
But I don’t have the energy, the time, the funds.
Yes, you do. You just don’t realize it yet.
Do it.
Right now.
Call that friend who keeps popping in your head.
Hug your husband just because you want to.
Forgive yourself for whatever wrongs you may or may not have done.
It’s all we have.
That book you’ve wanted to write.
That song you’d like to sing.
Thoses flowers you’ve been meaning to plant.
Now’s the time to start.
Now’s the time to stand up, walk out the door, and jump off that huge metaphorical cliff that’s been waiting to show you there’s a pillow bed below.
It’s always been there.
Just out of sight.
There to catch you.
There to show you that you’re not alone.
You’re never alone.
No one’s ever alone.
Each and every one of us is surrounded by love.
Open you eyes.
You can see it.
It’s right there.
Yes, you see it now, don’t you?
And now,
feel it.
It’s there too,
in your heart.
It’s always been there.
It’s just up to us to show up,
to open our eyes and recognize
what’s always been there.
now’s the time.
You knew it already, didn’t you?
I’m just reminding you of the obvious.
Time to stand up, scoot over, reach out, down or up,
whatever’s right for you.
‘Cause only you know what’s right for you.
No one else can tell you.
They may try.
And you can smile and listen and take it.
Or you can smile
and walk away.
Walk in the direction of your heart.
Your heart knows the way.
It always has.
It’s just up to us to show up,
and feel.
Yes, now’s the time.
I look forward to meeting you.
I’m sure our paths will cross.
All who follow their heart will collide into a huge burst of Love, at some point.
Yes, I feel it;
it’s true.
So what are you waiting for?
you’ve already left.
: )
Bon voyage!
Peace be with you . . .

Gratitude fills my heart : )

Hi my VERY dear friend and sister of my heart,

Now sitting in the Detroit airport in an Irish tavern after missing my flight to Knoxville by four minutes due to a late arrival because of equipment malfunction in Honolulu, I give thanks.
For the nice lady with Delta who told me that the IT served bfast for another seven minutes. And then showed me were it was so that I arrived in time.
For the vouchers which paid for it.
For the wonderful wait staff with their beautiful cheerful smiles who entertained this non-TV watcher with a live true sit-com, complete with their crisp Michigan accents.
For my Bust magazine which looks for movies with dialogues between two women NOT about men!
For my iPhone which allowed me to read T’s email to you and your thoughtful reply.
And for the peace-of-mind that gave me. The feeling of being cared for. Protected. Loved.
For YOU. A most wonderful and caring and wise and LOVING friend. I give thanks.
For the learning and unpeeling which continues in its most perfect timing.
For the extra 4.5 hours at the airport. For the time it gave me to be alone before meeting up with my Mom.
For my Mom. Who is so excited about my arrival.
For my Mom. Who is simply who she is. Who loves me in her unique way. For the relationship we have which is so different from that of my sisters.
For the wonderful sleep I had on the 8-plus hour flight from Honolulu.
For Michael Stillwater’s wonderful music and my iPod shuffle which allowed me to listen to it so easily and peacefully in my private two seater due to the flight’s low occupancy.
For the nice young man I talked to before I made the switch to my solo seats. May Peace be with him always.
For the confidence to reply with the simple word “writer” when he asked what I “do.”
And the subsequent “linguist” which completed my answer more fully.
And mostly, for the time I’ve had to come back into my heart. The time to reflect and give thanks for ALL of the above. The “all” which barely covers the tip of the iceberg–which IS my vast and limitless heart.
Peace be with you, my dear, dear friend.
May the Light of my infinite love fill you with the warmth of spirit which resides in us all.
Deine Freundin,
Sent from my iPhone