Pedrata en la escuela

Last day of school in Donostia

Heading home after my last day of school in Donostia,

I passed these adorable children who were putting on a show for their families.

What a perfect way to close this particular paragraph of my life, I thought.

If you’ve got two minutes and thirty nine seconds to spare, click play and be a fly on the wall in a moment in time.

And no, I really have no idea what’s going on. I just loved their energy and seeing how children are the same the world over.

✫ Sj out ✫

p.s. the particulars of this particular part of my trip are still to come . . . I’ll most probably write it on Monday while on the train from San Sebastián to Paris. : ) Until then . . . toodle-oo!

p.p.s. BUT I do have an encore video to post of those two guys who were playing music in the first street music video I posted; it’s coming soon! : )

3 thoughts on “Last day of school in Donostia

  1. Evan Mower

    What the . . . ? I mean ¿Que pasa? Couldn’t quite make out what the narrator was saying, could you?

    1. Sj Post author

      Hey Evan,
      Sorry to be slow responding . . . I’ll listen to it again, but I think it might be in Basque and that’s a completely different language!
      Sending a hug,


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