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Riding the Trust Train

The train has left the station.

For parts unknown.

What is this all about?

This video will fill you in:

The trust train first showed up publicly after kayaking Na Pali on Kauai. A chat with Congolio gives that background:

I plan on updating this website to reflect the changes . . . that will happen when it happens.

I’ll write and post now and then as I’m called to.

If you too experience life by trusting completely, HOP ON!

Even if you don’t, I invite you to HOP ON! You may find that trusting really isn’t so scary.

Kay den. Thanks for your time and attention. Sending lots and lots and LOTS of LOVE your way!


✫ Sj out ✫


My cuz, Sj Daisy, has her own YouTube channel . . .

 . . . and she’s posting a new video each week on her playlist: Read Along with Sj Daisy.

After a school year of reading to children at the Lihue Public Library (on most Mondays), my cuz, Sj Daisy, realized that she was onto something . . . that she’d found a little piece of her heart that had been missing, covered in moss and forgotten.

And then it dawned on her that she could keep her heart united AND reach even more children by videotaping her readings (one book at a time).  The children could then read along whenever it fit THEIR schedule . . . and so . . . Read Along with Sj Daisy was born.

She’ll be adding a new video each week through March 2017 (and maybe even longer . . . but this is what she feels she can commit to at the moment).

Do you have a child in your life who likes to listen to picture book stories? Or maybe YOU would like to sit back and be read to. The listener’s age doesn’t matter; no i.d.s will be checked upon entry into Sj Daisy YouTube Land.

Thanks for taking a moment from your busy life to check out Sj Daisy and her YouTube channel. AND thanks for sharing her with the children in your life.

I think that you’ll be falling in love with my cousin . . . I sure did!


Sj out

Sj Daisy and Pedrata que

My cuz, Sj Daisy, is here too from time to time . . .

You can check out her and Pedrata at her blog or on YouTube. Be sure and click on the CC button for closed captioning.

Sj Daisy Flyer

She looks like you!!!

Today the most amazing thing happened

at the Lihue public library after reading to the kids.

(I’ve been doing this on Monday afternoons since August).

Sj Daisy left, and I returned to the main area in her stead (i.e. sans overalls and hairdo). I was speaking with the young adult librarian when a little girl came up to me and said, “You look like Sj Daisy!”

“Do I?” I replied.

“Yes!” she said with enthusiasm.

We went over to the flyer posted on the wall.

“She’s my cousin,” I explained.

“She looks a lot like you!” she said again.


LOL. So cute!

This little girl’s name btw?


: 0

For real.

Life is full of such wonderful surprises!!!

: )))


~ Sj ~

©2015 Rob Rogers/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Reprinted with permission.

Who Are YOU?

Do you know?

In yesterday’s paper, the editorial cartoon by Rob Rogers shows Bruce Jenner on a box of Wheaties. The real Bruce Jenner. The Bruce Jenner that he, or rather she, is today.

“If we celebrated the courage it takes to be your true self . . .”

Yes. If we celebrated everyone who chose to be authentic, the faces on the cover of Wheaties would most likely be as varied as the rainbow.

It takes courage to be real, authentic. The word courage comes from Old French, which comes from Latin: cor “heart.“

It takes living from one’s heart to be courageous.

But in our world, we’re actually conditioned to be someone other than ourselves.

Who do you think you are? You can’t be a ____________, you don’t have the brains, education, connections. Your skin’s the wrong color. You’re stupid. Fat. Ugly.

Each one of us has been told that we’re somehow lacking. Whether from our parents, spouses, teachers, or the media, we’ve each gotten the message that we should be someone other than ourself.

And we’ve bought into it. Literally. We buy all the many things we’re told we need to buy to be: _________________ (fill-in-the-blank).

I’m here to tell you that it’s not true. That it’s a lie.

You are already perfect as you are. You already have within yourself everything you need to be who you came here to be.

Take a breath. A DEEP breath. Connect with your inner-self.

It’s time to be YOUR self. It’s time to be that brand of YOU that no one else can copy. Trademark. Patent.

How do I do that? How do I remember who I’ve come here to be?

First of all, simply BE yourself. That’s who you’ve come here to be – YOU.

Secondly, be still. Be quiet. Unplug.

Make space for yourself everyday to simply sit in the presence of who you are. You may begin to hear little whispers. You may hear the lion’s roar. Or you may simply hear silence. It will be exactly how it needs to be for you.

Today, I challenge you. Be YOUR self. Be brave enough to let the light within you shine forth. I promise you; the world will thank you. : ))))

Also, last week after a 15+ month hiatus, I posted a pep talk. The topic? Be YOUR self. : ) When I saw Rob Rogers’ editorial cartoon yesterday, I thought, “OMG! That would be perfect for the blog glob post for Sj’s Pep Talk: Be YOUR Self!” I wrote to Mr. Rogers last night, and he quickly replied with a YES! Thank you so very, very much Rob!

In closing, Dear Friends, whether I’ve met you in person, in Spirit, or through the internet, please know that I love you and see you for who you truly are.